Bay Area Mija: An Introduction

Welcome to the blog Bay Area Mija.  Mija is a Spanish contraction for mi hija, which means “my daughter.”   It is used as a term of endearment.  The first few years of my life, I thought it was my name.

That’s the “mija” part.  But why Bay Area?   Well, the area in which you live can have such a profound effect on you – your lifestyle, personality, values and life views.  One example that comes immediately to mind is a New Yorker.   It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg thing, trying to figure out if certain areas and cities attract and retain certain kinds of people or if certain places transform their residents.  Regardless of the causality, residents of a certain region behave and think in certain specific ways.

I grew up in Monterey County, just south of the Bay Area and after 5 years back East moved back to California – specifically to San Francisco, where I have been living the last few years.  The culture here is part of the fabric of my being, so in writing about my views and experiences, I will be writing largely about the Bay Area.

How is my life typical of a Bay Area resident?  I am multi-lingual, will have children whose grandparents on both sides were not born in the US, have a strong affinity for entrepreneurship, value the beauty of nature and want to act in an ecologically and socially responsible manner.  My general life view is one of tolerance and aversion to war.  The origin of the ingredients in my food – fresh, organic, local – is very important to me.


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