Easter Surprise

A rainy Easter Sunday in San Francisco.  As I sit warm and cozy in my apartment a couple blocks from Union Square, I think of two things:  1) all of the outdoor Easter egg hunts that were planned and had to be canceled; 2) all of the poor tourists who I can bet were not counting on cold, rainy weather.

The locals will be fine.  They are used to San Francisco’s temperamental weather.  Last week, for example, on my morning walk to work, I was really unhappy about having forgotten my gloves at home; my fingers were almost numb.  Later that morning, I took my dog up to our workplace rooftop (dog-friendly office), and it was so sunny and warm out, I considered getting my laptop and just working up there for a while.   A couple of hours later, it was windy and cold; but by the time we walked home around 4, the weather was nice and warm again.

The tourists, however, are a different story.  Yesterday we saw a bunch of them sitting on the open deck of one of those buses that take people touring around the city.   It was quite cold; I’m talking beanie, gloves, scarf weather.  I commented on it aloud to my  husband, about how it was kind of strange that there were so many of them riding up there on the top deck.  Then I realized, oh it’s their holiday; they all came to San Francisco for Easter.

Most guidebooks warn about the foggy San Francisco summer days, but here is what SanFrancisco.com had to say about this time of year:

Spring in San Francisco


March, April and May are some of the most inviting months to visit San Francisco. Characteristically cloudless and mild, some of the warmest and driest days of the year occur in San Francisco’s spring months, making San Francisco’s springtime noticeably free from the spring showers that moisten other parts of the United States. (http://www.sanfrancisco.com/weather/)

Those poor bastards never stood a chance.


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