Quick Lunch Near Union Square: Cafe Venue

If you  are a tourist and want food that locals would eat, instead of the on-the-ground version of airplane food served to tourists, you usually have to wander a good way from the tourist-infested zones.   There might be more upscale restaurants that atrract tourists and locals alike, but what if you just want to have a simple lunch?

Well, if the “tourist ground-zero” at which you find yourself is Union Square, I have just the place.  I actually discovered it just last Sunday.  It’s called Cafe Venue, and I’ll tell you why, if you’re near Union Square and want a quick bite to eat but abhor fast food, this is the place to go.

1) It’s located only half a block away from Market Street. which means that to walk there from the heart of Union Square takes maybe 5 minutes if you walk slow and the traffic lights take a while to change.

2)   The menu features lunch staples such as sandwiches and salads.  The food is what I think of as typical Bay Area food – food with a fusion twist.  I’m not talking about your average “deliberate fusion” food, where the chef tries to make everything thoughtfully exotic.  I mean “regular” food like sandwiches and salads made with ingredients like avocados, sundried tomatoes, Thai penaut sauce – basically ingredients that would be considered out-of-the-ordinary in most other parts of the country but standard for this area.  Also “very California,” is the variety of fresh juices they offer.

3)  They have some outdoor seating.  There are actually only a few tables, but if the sun is out (and you have a sweater or jacket to protect you when the wind starts blowing), I highly recommend one of these tables.  So many different typesp of people walk past; it’s a great place to “people watch.”


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