Punch Line Comedy Club

There’s nothing quite like a good night of comedy, your sides aching, tears streaming down your cheeks.  San Franciscans have been getting their laughs on at  Punch Line for decades, and last night I found out why.

When I think of comedy clubs, I think of a warehouse-like setting with black floors that turn sticky from booze  after every show.  I picture cheap tables with uncomfortable chairs bought from some wholesaler down in L.A.  But Punch Line is different.  It has a cozy, intimate feel, so no seat is very far from the stage.  The stage itself is pleasant to look at even without a comedian on it, as they have this cartoon-like painting of the city as a backdrop.  Even the floors are nice (hardwood), and if you time it right, you can nab a table with a couch.

The quality of the comedic talent this club attracts is top-notch.  Last night we saw a variety of comics, including the hilarious Hannibal Buress, a writer for SNL who was recently voted best comic in New York.   We also saw some great local talent, Louis Katz, who has been featured on Comedy Central and HBO.


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