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Airlines Charging for Flying Standby (May 2010)

Remember you used to be able to fly standby for no extra fee?  If your meeting finished sooner than expected or your connecting flight was early, you certainly did not want to wait for hours at the airport to catch the  later flight you originally booked.  So if there were empty seats on the earlier flight, you could just hop on that flight, no problem.

Now the airlines are charging a fee (of course) for catching the earlier flight on standby.   Delta, United, American, US Airways and Continental charge $50 for flying standby.  Alaska and Horizon charge $25.   TransAir is bucking the trend and allowing passengers to fly standby free of charge.

 On Southwest, you can take an earlier flight fee-free, but there is a catch; the price of the ticket is higher for flights booked that same day, so you have to pay the fare difference between your original ticket and the same-day purchase fare.



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